Spousal and Child Support

There are many misconceptions surrounding child and spousal support during a breakup. Finally get answers to your questions by consulting a lawyer specializing in family law.

About our child and spousal support services

The terms of the child support or spousal support can be discussed in the context of family mediation.

Child support

All parents have support obligations toward their children. It’s important to understand that the right to child support doesn’t depend on the wishes of the custodial parent. This is a right that belongs to the child, and the parent doesn’t have the option of waiving it without justification. Only the court can decide whether a waiver of child support payments is valid and in the best interest of the child.

In all child support cases, we act fast to take the appropriate steps to have your rights

Spousal support

The Divorce Act stipulates that the competent court can issue an order requiring one spouse to pay spousal support to the other spouse, or, in some cases, it may be outlined in a separation agreement. In addition, the Civil Code of Québec stipulates that spouses and partners joined in a civil union owe each other support when certain conditions are met.

If you are entitled to spousal support, we act fast to ensure
that you receive the amounts that are rightfully yours. The same goes for any adjustment to or cancellation of such support payments.

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Whether it’s through legal proceedings or family mediation, the Louis Gosselin Avocat team is ready to support you and tackle all your questions surrounding child or spousal support. We can support you in your efforts by:

Analysis of the situation

You probably know that the rights of common-law partners and spouses differ when determining support payments. Several factors will be considered to establish a fair calculation of child or spousal support. Make sure you understand all the subtleties with a team specializing in the field.

The search for common ground

A professional with expertise in family law can advise you on your right to child or spousal support, your obligation to make support payments, the amount, and the duration of the agreement. If the parties agree, these details can be determined in the context of family mediation.

Family litigation

Do you need to be represented in court? Louis Gosselin Avocat provides you with reassuring support throughout the legal proceedings to obtain or review a judgment related to child or spousal support after a separation or divorce.

Make an appointment

Divorce or separation? Settle the legal aspects of child or spousal support with a lawyer specializing in family law.

child support Spousal and Child Support

Other Services

Make informed decisions regarding child custody, child or spousal support, and all the other legal considerations arising from a divorce or separation, including corollary relief.

Determining child custody arrangements is one of the most common concerns of
couples who are going through a separation or divorce. Louis Gosselin Avocat helps you
establish an agreement that will be in the best interests of your children.

Find common ground and mutually satisfactory solutions that will preserve the relationship between the parties with the help of a family mediator. The presence of a neutral and impartial third party will help you achieve this.

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