Divorce mediation and Separation

To support you with all the legal aspects arising from a separation or divorce, such as child or spousal support, division of assets, family patrimony division, etc., call on Louis Gosselin Avocat.

Make sure you fully understand your rights as a common-law partner or spouse throughout the process.

About our divorce mediation and separation services

The Louis Gosselin Avocat team can help you resolve the thorny issues resulting from a divorce, civil union breakup, or common-law partner separation.


Divorce is the procedure through which the obligations of the marriage come to an end. This means that not only is there an end to the obligation to live together, but there is also the division of the family patrimony and the dissolution of the matrimonial regime and everything related to this union. We will assist you in asserting your rights.

Civil union breakup

If you chose to enter into a civil union, the end of your union involves a process similar to that of a divorce and forces the division of the family patrimony, the dissolution of the partnership of acquests, the division of assets, or any other regime that you have chosen. We will be with you throughout the process.

Common-law partner separation

Who hasn’t heard of the Eric v. Lola case? In Quebec, during a separation, common-law partners don’t have the same rights as married people. Does this mean you have no rights? The answer isn’t automatic. Since each case is unique, we will examine your case and inform you of your rights and—particularly—the remedies that may be available to you.

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Take advantage of the expertise of Louis Gosselin Avocat in the context of your divorce, civil union breakup, or common-law partner separation proceedings and get support tailored to your family situation.

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Other Services

Determining child custody arrangements is one of the most common concerns of
couples who are going through a separation or divorce. Louis Gosselin Avocat helps you
establish an agreement that will be in the best interests of your children.

With the services of an experienced lawyer, your rights and those of your children will be defended throughout the process surrounding the child or spousal support decision.

Find common ground and mutually satisfactory solutions that will preserve the relationship between the parties with the help of a family mediator. The presence of a neutral and impartial third party will help you achieve this.

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