Child Custody

The division of parental time is a key element to determine after a divorce or separation.

Make sure you know the pros and cons of the different types of shared custody -and alternating custody.

About our child custody services

Parents who are going through a separation or divorce now have many options for choosing a shared custody schedule. Louis Gosselin Avocat supports you with these important decisions.

Parental authority

Parents have the right and the duty of custody, supervision, and education regarding their children. They are also required to feed and care for them. However, certain specific situations require these rights and obligations to be adjusted or removed from one of the parents. On other occasions, a parent is illegally prevented from exercising their parental authority.

At Louis Gosselin Avocat, we assist you in taking the appropriate steps to ensure that your rights and those of your children are respected.

Child custody

When parents no longer live together, it’s necessary to determine the method of custody that will exist for the children of the parties. Many custody arrangements are possible, including:

Access rights

A child’s access rights to the non-custodial parent are essential. They are adjusted according to each specific situation. It is in the child’s interest that appropriate access rights are granted. If you believe that changes are required, we will support and represent you in court to resolve the situation.


Alternating or shared custody arrangements should correspond to the needs of the children, the reality of each parent, and the evolution of the family situation. Louis Gosselin Avocat can support you with your decisions by:

Shared custody with rotation

Several rotation formulas allow parents and children to see each other more often. The most common are one week alternation, 5-2-2-5 and 2-2-3. This type of schedule also offers each parent the opportunity to attend to their personal obligations. The exchanges often take place at school or daycare, which makes the family routine easier.

Alternating custody

Alternating custody—where children alternately spend one week with one parent, then one week with the other—remains a common formula. Here too, the division of parental time is equal. It is also possible to add a “pivot” day in the middle of the week if the children or parents require it.

Other types of custody

For several reasons, the child may live with one of the parents most of the time. In this case, the other parent can exercise their parental time according to arrangements other than shared custody: weekends or every other weekend, occasional custody, extended custody during vacations, etc.

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Make informed decisions regarding child custody, child or spousal support, and all the other legal considerations arising from a divorce or separation, including corollary relief.

With the services of an experienced lawyer, your rights and those of your children will be defended throughout the process surrounding the child or spousal support decision.

Find common ground and mutually satisfactory solutions that will preserve the relationship between the parties with the help of a family mediator. The presence of a neutral and impartial third party will help you achieve this.

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